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The mechanical scraper is designed to clean the inner surface of the casing strings of oil, gas and water wells from corrosion products, paraffin, cement crust, perforation marks and various deposits.

Application area

Preventive cleaning of casing strings from contamination in production and injection wells in the intervals of operation of packers or other tools.

Design possibilities

  • The scraper consists of a one-piece body with spring-loaded rams made of refractory alloy equipped with blades
  • The surface of the blades of the dies has a hardened layer, which increases their wear resistance and durability.
  • The column is cleaned by reciprocating movement of the scraper in the column
  • Scraper cutting rams cover the entire perimeter of the cleaned surface in the entire range of the walls of the casing string
  • Large clearance between the scraper body and the casing ensures free washout of removed contaminants



Column outer diameter, mm
Casing wall thickness, mm
5,5 - 7,0
Case diameter, mm
Minimum outer diameter of the scraper (by dies), mm
Maximum outer diameter of the scraper (by dies), mm

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