Application of Clean Well technology (well bottomhole normalization after hydraulic fracturing) at Rosneft facilities in Khanty-Mansiysky Okrug

4 wells
4 well operations
Equipment: well layout for borehole cleaning Clean Well
Kamenskoye field



  • Time for normalization of the bottomhole after hydraulic fracturing more than 20 hours.
  • Significant expenses for delivery of additional technological fluid due to absorption of more than 10 m3/hour (total volume of more than 150 m3) and additional involvement of special equipment (2 cement units-320, tank truck)
  • Removal of proppant into the well after hydraulic fracturing and as a result – more expensive and time consuming repair operations as well as safety issues.
  • High cost of remedial operations, increased time to perform them, as well as safety issues.
  • Precipitation of proppant in the casing in low flowing wells, which may lead to loss of bottomhole conductivity with complete cessation of production in case of complete overlapping of the pay zone.

Application of Clean Well technology for bottomhole recovery after hydraulic fracturing, destruction of proppant plugs without creating circulation in wells with low formation pressure and extraction of destroyed particles with minimal negative impact of working fluid on the bottomhole formation zone.

  • The face normalization plan was 100%, no complications were recorded.
  • The Clean Well layout penetration was up to 65 meters per 1 operation.
  • The Clean Well complex operation time was not more than 60 minutes within 1 trip.
  • We extracted up to 640 liters of proppant and 210 liters of thick bottomhole cuttings at each of the wells.

The pilot project resulted in reduced time to normalize the bottomhole and no complications, as well as reduced costs of normalization and bottomhole cleaning. Clean Well technology was recognized as a success based on the results of the pilot testing.

  • Reduction of additional trips, normalization of the bottomhole after hydraulic fracturing for 1 trip.
  • Reduction of time for bottom-hole normalization after hydraulic fracturing by more than 90%.
  • Reducing the required amount of process fluid by more than 95% (down to 10 m3), which allowed reducing formation calming and bringing the well into production.

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