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Container with autonomous gauges

Top packer

Container with autonomous gauges

Port of hydraulic fracturing

Lower packer

Mechanical coupling locator

Mechanical anchor

Pit perforator


The well layout is designed for multi-stage production column perforation and multi-stage selective injection of fluids in 1 well operation, for carrying out multifracturing, squeeze cementing and repair and insulation operations, acid treatment, detection of production column leaks.

Application area

Vertical, directional wells and wells with horizontal ends.


PitMSFrac technology allows to perform the following operations in 1 well operation:

  • Performing a punching perforation
  • Install a selective packer layout opposite the perforation holes and perform hydraulic fracturing or bottomhole treatment according to the design
  • After flushing the well, reposition to the next interval and repeat the operation


  • Temperature up to 140°C
  • Production column diameter 102 – 178 mm
  • Pressure up to 1000 atm
  • Proppant pumped per 1 well operation:
    – Up to 200 tons for a production string of 114 mm
    – Up to 400 tons for a production casing from 146 mm



Maximum outer diameter of metal parts, mm
Equivalent diameter of the passage channel, mm
Maximum pressure drop, MPa
Maximum temperature, °C
Size of frac port windows, mm
Maximum tensile load, tn
Connecting threads
Tubing - 60, 73
PitMSFrac – technology of perforating and multistage fracturing per 1 well operation Learn more

Implemented projects

Application of Clean Well technology (well bottomhole normalization after hydraulic fracturing) at Rosneft facilities in Khanty-Mansiysky Okrug

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Project PitMSFrac, Bashkortostan

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Development of wells with a jet pump during geological exploration in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District

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Project “PEV – Online”, Irkutsk region

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