Container with autonomous gauges

Top packer

Container with autonomous gauges

Port of hydraulic fracturing

Lower packer

Mechanical coupling locator

Mechanical anchor

Container with autonomous gauges


The well layout is designed for multi-stage selective injection of fluids, for plugging operations, acid treatment, detection of production string leaks, as well as for isolation of zones inside the liner during hydraulic fracturing

Application area

Vertical, directional wells and wells with horizontal ends


  • The layout is a retrievable product with two sealing assemblies, a centralizer, a coupling locator and one locking assembly.
  • Fixing and retrieving the layout from the well is done using standard tubing column operations (upward, downward movement).
  • During high-pressure operations, the layout is held in place by mechanical anchor dies under the weight of the tubing. The working surface of the mechanical anchors has high hardness, which allows to increase its fixing ability in the column and wear resistance during work.
  • The design of the selective layout allows for flushing and killing after hydraulic fracturing.
  • The selective layout design allows proppant to be flushed out by backwashing, in the event of a STOP pressure.
  • At the Customer’s request, the layout can be completed with autonomous downhole pressure gauges – thermometers.
  • When moving the layout along the shank, it is possible to locate fracture sleeves using the coupling locator and ensure that the layout is in front of the coupling.


  • Temperature up to 140°C
  • Production column diameter 102 – 178 mm
  • Pressure up to 1000 atm
  • Proppant pumped per 1 well operation:
    – Up to 200 tons for a production string of 114 mm
    – Up to 400 tons for a production casing from 146 mm



Maximum pressure drop, MPa
Maximum temperature, °C
Production column diameter, mm
Inner diameter of the production column, mm
Inner passage diameter of the top packer, mm
Transport elevator for layout
Tubing - 60
Cup2Cup - Technology for hydraulic fracturing / bottomhole treatment / multi-stage hydraulic fracturing in 1 well operation
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Implemented projects

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Development of wells with a jet pump during geological exploration in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District

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Project “PEV – Online”, Irkutsk region

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