Pit perforators

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Pit perforator


The Pit perforator is designed for the secondary opening of productive formations of oil and gas wells by simultaneously forming up to 6 through holes in the casing and blurring the bottomhole zone through these holes, as well as for subsequent hydraulic fracturing through the windows of the upper part of the perforator.

The perforator can be lowered in a package with a packer (axial type) and/or jet pump.

Design possibilities

The design allows the following operations to be carried out through the technological holes of the perforator:


  • replacement of well fluid volume before and after perforation;
  • acid treatments;
  • development of wells with a jet pump by compression, swabbing, including hydrodynamic studies.


The perforator allows you to kill the well after cutting the downhole valves..
The perforator can be used to perforation without subsequent hydraulic fracturing.



Outer diameter, mm
Total length of 1 section, mm
Length 2 sections, mm
Length 3 sections, mm
Weight of 1 section, kg
Puncher escape depth in relation to perforator housing, mm
Distance between punches, mm
Working ball, mm
Knock down ball, mm
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Implemented projects

Application of Clean Well technology (well bottomhole normalization after hydraulic fracturing) at Rosneft facilities in Khanty-Mansiysky Okrug

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Project PitMSFrac, Bashkortostan

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Development of wells with a jet pump during geological exploration in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District

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Project “PEV – Online”, Irkutsk region

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