Jet Pro 4


The jet pump is designed for well development, exploration of wells and intensification of oil inflow from wells.

Design possibilities

Jet Pro 4 allows you to carry out the following technological operations:


  • Reduction of bottomhole pressure and induction of inflow from the formation;
  • Impact on the formation by alternating (cyclic) differential pressures;
  • Multi-cycle hydrodynamic studies from lower to higher depressions with registration of bottomhole pressure with autonomous gauges;
  • Chemical treatment of formations with subsequent extraction of reaction products.


The listed operations can be performed in any combination and sequence.

Principle of operation

  • The device is driven by the injection of the working fluid by pump units located on the surface.
  • The device allows you to create depressions on formations without the use of compressor units.
  • The principle of operation of the device eliminates the possibility of explosive gas-air mixtures and uncontrolled oil and gas manifestations in the well.
  • The device reduces the bottomhole pressure only in the sub-packer interval. The rest of the wellbore maintains normal hydrostatic pressure.
  • As a working fluid for Jet Pro 4, a fluid used for well killing (water, saline solution, surfactant solution) is used.
  • The unit can operate in low reservoir pressure conditions without the inclusion of an equalization valve in the layout and with a packer without tubing bypass.
  • The device allows the pressure above and below the packer to be equalized after the work is completed, so that the packer can be safely unloaded without the need for additional devices.


Maximum pressure of the working fluid in front of the nozzle, MPa
Maximum depth of descent, m
Overall dimensions of the device case:
Maximum diameter, mm
Length, mm
Central channel diameter, mm
Mean time to failure within 1 well operation, not less, hours
Assigned resource, not less than, hour (subject to compliance with the audit regulations)
Resource at the removal of mechanical impurities, not more, m3
Recovery time (preparation for work), no more than, hour
Maximum value of created depression (when inflow from the formation - no more than 20 m3/day and gas factor - no more than 50 m3/m3)
Equal to formation pressure
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Implemented projects

Application of Clean Well technology (well bottomhole normalization after hydraulic fracturing) at Rosneft facilities in Khanty-Mansiysky Okrug

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Project PitMSFrac, Bashkortostan

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Development of wells with a jet pump during geological exploration in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District

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Project “PEV – Online”, Irkutsk region

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