Technology Conference 2021, Yalta

Nekko LLC took part in the annual technological conference “Innovative solutions in the field of well workover, EOR, coiled tubing, well intervention and supervising in horizontal and branched wells. Well control. Well control at GNVP. Anti-fountain safety”.

ORGANIZERS OF THE CONFERENCE: INTECH – oil and gas education center.

Date: June 7-10, 2021

Within the framework of the conference, Aleksandr Lobodyuk, Director of Innovation of NEKKO LLC, made a presentation on “Innovative Technologies for Downhole Operations”. The Cup2Cup technology “Technology for multi-stage hydraulic fracturing using selective assembly” in horizontal wells with a string with a diameter of 102 mm and PitMSFrac “Integrated technology for piercing perforation and multi-stage hydraulic fracturing in one tripping operation” were presented.

The conference participants highly appreciated the possibilities of wide application of these technologies both in the construction of new wells and in sidetracking with multi-stage hydraulic fracturing.