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NEKKO является современной, динамично развивающейся нефтесервисной компанией, специализирующейся на инновационных и комплексных технологиях по механической
перфорации скважин, вызову притока и исследованию скважин струйными насосами, интенсификация притока и нормализации забоя скважины.

Компания NEKKO выполняет нефтесервисные услуги в России.

Основными Заказчиками компании являются крупнейшие нефтедобывающие компании России.

NEKKO mission:
By improving ourselves, we solve the complex problems of our customers.
Company development goals:
  • To be among the leaders in oil and gas services through the introduction of innovative technologies.
  • Reach the level of a priority Partner for our Customers.
  • Continuous development and implementation of new technologies.
We are open for cooperation, adapt to the needs of the Customer, market conditions and are ready to solve problems of any complexity.
These three qualities are the foundation of the company’s business. We constantly attract the best specialists, apply the most modern technologies and management standards. We are engaged in the implementation of large-scale projects and guarantee quality and safety at all stages of work.
History of the company
2003 Founding year of NEKKO
NEKKO was founded in 2003 It has grown from a small organization to a diversified production company capable of solving the most complex and non-standard tasks of its customers.
2003 Double-knife perforator
Developed and implemented 2-knife perforator:
  • 2 hydromonitors
  • Production column opening speed 90 minutes/linear meter
2010 Pumping unit fleet
Purchased more than 10 pieces of equipment:
  • Pmax = 700 atm
  • Qmax = 26,7 l/sec.
  • 500 KW
2011 Double-knife perforator
Upgraded 2-knife perforator:
  • 6 hydromonitors
  • Production column opening speed 60 minutes/linear meter
2016 Perforator
+ reamer
Developed and implemented layout of 2-blade perforator + reamer:
  • 6 hydromonitors
  • Production column opening speed 45 minutes/linear meter
2017 Pit perforator
The punching Pit perforator developed and implemented:
  • 4 hydromonitors
  • Production column opening speed 30 minutes/linear meter
2018 Pit Frac
Innovative complex technology of perforating and hydraulic fracturing in 1 well operation Pit Frac was developed and implemented
2018 Jet Pro Frac
Developed and implemented an innovative complex technology of jet pump development after hydraulic fracturing in 1 well operation Jet Pro Frac
2018 Pulse Horizont
The Pulse Horizont jet pump for well development with a horizontal end has been developed
2019 Clean Well
Innovative complex technology for well bottomhole normalization with proppant plugs after hydraulic fracturing was developed and implemented in 1 well operation Clean Well
2020 Cup2Cup
Innovative complex technology for selective hydraulic fracturing / bottomhole treatment / multiFrac per 1 well operation Cup2Cup was developed and implemented
2021 PitMSFrac
Innovative integrated technology for perforating and MultiFrac in 1 well operation PitMSFrac was developed and implemented

Our values


    An important aspect of the business is to ensure systematic and continuous improvement and innovation in all production processes


    We value the trust of our customers and offer an individual, responsible approach to each project


    The goal of any employee's work is to successfully complete a task and achieve a result


    We value professionalism and regularly improve the knowledge and skills of our employees


    Team development, respect and trust in the team make our cooperation productive

Company strategy
Industrial safety
Environmental protection
Quality of service
Development of labor relations

Карта объектов

  • Екатеринбург

    620063, Россия, Екатеринбург ул. 8 марта, 51, БЦ SUMMIT, офис 236

  • Бузулук

  • Губкинский

  • Иркутск

  • Когалым

  • Мегион

  • Нефтеюганск

  • Нижневартовск

  • Ноябрьск

  • Оренбург

  • Самара

  • Усинск

  • Уфа

Компания NEKKO выполняет нефтесервисные услуги в России.

We will be happy to welcome you to our team if you are a passionate master of your craft, focused on self-development, prefer flexible working conditions and get a drive from solving complex problems!


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